Family Photography

Celebrate the ones you love most

Even though family is the bedrock of happiness, the demands of modern life often require us all to sacrifice some of your quality time for work, kids activities, and more. Yet it is the simplest of things that bring joy into our lives–the squeeze of a child’s hand wrapping around your finger, the smile your kids greet you with when you open the door, and the way they nestle into you as you read them a story. 

What if you could capture those moments and in photographs and relive them every day when you see them on your walls? What if your children could wake up every day seeing, remembering, and living again the love you share? 

We specialize in creating those unique moments for your family and creating an experience that allows you to be fully present for the ones you love. When we’ve finished your photographic experience itself, then you’ll have the opportunity to feel it all over again during your cinematic design consultation and reveal. 

Your photographic experience will not only result in beautiful wall art, albums, and prints, but it will also stand as a reminder of all of you at your best. 


$ 200 session fee
  • Your session fee includes:
  • a discovery consultation to learn more about you and your family
  • your photo session in studio and/or on location around Madison
  • A cinematic reveal of 30-45 photographs celebrating your family
  • a design and ordering consultation to select your favorite art
  • Purchase the photographs you love in the styles you want