2021 Year in Review

Time is elastic. Moments can stretch into an eternity or flash by so quickly we don’t even have time to take it in. And it is our most valuable resource, something we don’t even know how much we have until we’re out of time. 

I think that’s what draws us to photography, the ability to stop time, to suspend a single moment and hold onto it forever. And reviewing this year’s wonderful clients have truly shown us the magic that is a great photograph, and it made me think more deeply about just what a great photograph looks like. 

In the end, it isn’t about the warm swath of dying sunlight skirting the scene or the cocked head of a curious pup. It isn’t the perfect hair and color palate that brings out someone’s eyes, the cascade of a perfectly lit cheekbone. What makes a photograph worthwhile has little to do with how it looks but everything to do with how it makes our clients feel. 

This collection–representing more than fifty sessions in the studio and on location, of weddings and families, and couples, of business owners, high school seniors, and our beloved pets–is our monument to the way these people are loved and cared for, the struggles and triumphs they experienced that have made them the people they are today. 

We cannot thank our clients enough for trusting us to make photographs for their homes. Not only have they allowed us to keep the lights on, as it were, but also to share in a bit of their joy, determination, and love.  

For every storm 2021 brought, our clients–many of whom we feel proud to call friends–came through with the encouragement to keep moving, to celebrate the time we have, and to love. Right now. This moment. Always. 

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