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The Phoenix Project: Celebrating Local Businesses

The strength and variety of local Dane County businesses has long been central to our quality of life. We all depend on small businesses for entertainment, clothing, food, and so much more. As local business owners ourselves, we understand the real struggle to keep our business alive and positioning it to thrive during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Today we’re announcing a new project to put faces to the stores and services that we all depend on: The Phoenix Project. We will be traveling to locally-owned Dane county businesses to photograph the owners who have been battling hard to survive and recover from this deadly virus that has touched us all. We will be featuring the stories of resilience along with a photograph of you, the small business hero, on our social media and website. 

To qualify, you simply need to own a Dane County business that has been closed or severely impacted by the pandemic. It doesn’t matter if you have reopened yet, or if you’re still working on your plan to serve your clients again. We want to celebrate you, your business, and the efforts you have made to thrive. 

This is one thing we can do to help people understand that when you buy local, you are helping a neighbor—a neighbor who exists to serve you as well! To enter, simply complete the form below and we’ll give you a call to set up your session. We’ll stop by, conduct a short interview, and photograph you from a safe distance, then publish each story on our Instagram and Facebook pages. 


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